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SLEEPERRECRUIT Membership Subscriptions

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  • Social Media exposure
    BASIC PACKAGE includes 1 retweet,1 share &1 like each month of subscription; EXPOSURE PACKAGE On Twitter 15 posts a month each month of subscription; EXPOSURE PLUS PACKAGE includes On Twitter 18 posts a month (we'd add in FB, IG on this one) each month of subscription; (3) social media outlets each month of subscription; EXPOSURE ELITE PACKAGE includes Daily post on Twittter (we'd add in FB, IG on this one each month
  • Athlete Assessment
    Helps students/parents with general scholarship information on a variety of appropriate schools in the student’s future area of study and preferred geographic location as it relates to continuation of student-athlete status
  • College Prep. Information
    Upcoming SAT and ACT exams tips and reminders; suggest college admissions tests and when to take them; provide general college information i.e. deadlines, how to’s, and need to knows.
  • SleeperRecruit Profile Access
    This feature allows you and your families’ to have unlimited access to your student-athlete profile, for all your editing needs to bring your profile to life .
  • Showcase of Profile
    The showcase of student-athlete profile while be via SleepRecruit website. We have a variety of different coaches that are registered on our website and seeking out prospective future athletes. Your student-athlete’s profile will be showcased every now and again to these coaches to help drive in recruitments and college recommendations. Linking to the Student Athlete Profile Access, this is why it is important for each student-athlete to complete their profile to the fullest and best of knowledge while keeping it updated.
  • Advisement
    (Includes SR Compliance)
    Helping students/parents with general scholarship information on a variety of appropriate schools in the student’s future area of study and preferred geographic location to include mock phone conversations and interview preparation; SR Compliance check (only found through SR)
  • Player Evaluation
    (Review and Analyze Film)
    Review and Analyze past and current film; offer guidance and suggestions for building a strong recruiting video in writing, including pros and cons also assistance with the development of “College Game Plan
  • Recruitment Tracking
    (Identify & Target Opportunities)
    Pin-point recruiting by state/division based on athletic and academic level, factoring in athletic and academic goals; specifically target the appropriate colleges at all levels of NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA for the right opportunities
  • Coach's Connection
    (GPS Athlete Database)
    Listed in the athlete database system accessible by all coaches
  • Scouting Report
    A complete athlete snapshot (i.e. height, weight, speed and agility, strength, character, coach communication)
  • **Athlete Branding
    (SR Media Article, Interviews, Online Commercials, Advertising)

    The athlete branding add on allows your student athlete their very own shine. This page will have highlights of the athlete., links to their social media accounts, such as: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as a quick gallery of your student-athlete doing what they love the most. The athlete spotlight is different from the featured athlete of the month as it is not a guaranteed that every athlete will have the chance to be featured on the website’s page. However, your student athlete is guaranteed a featured page.

    Most valued verified Sleeper Recruit status

Exposure Basic




Exposure Plus*

Best Value
Best Value

Exposure ELITE**


*Initial charge will be for 2 months to cover proper time for advance registration process to include assessment, profile build, and maximal exposure.

**Requires 6-month commitment to allow time for athlete branding (see description for more details).

*Inquire about our 2019 senior membership, designed exclusively for high school seniors with personal recruiter. Requires 1-year commitment from

April (Junior Year) through May (Senior Year).