SR Media

SR.MEDIA, LLC. is a marketing company that specializes in designing and managing e-mail blast campaigns throughout the country. Our task for “Football Camp” is to send out exclusive email blasts and handle all social media advertising for the event. This will consist of daily updates and weekly posts to the Facebook pages. You will receive 2 exclusive email blasts per week (a total of 8 per month). Our email database consists of 6,000 contacts and 5,500 on Facebook and 40,000 on Twitter. The cost of the advertising campaign $100.00. The staff of the “Football Camp ” is responsible for providing all the flyers for email blast and pictures for the updated posts for social media. This information needs to be sent to us 24 hours before the email blast or Facebook updates are posted.
If you have any questions, please contact at 855-814-9990 or Also, log on to and join our mailing list.